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Hello Buyers and Welcome,

Here you will find all kinds of very important Information about Buying your Home.  Take your time and check it out.  It's all part of our "no-hassle help."  Why?  Because,

We're Different...  On Purpose!


Important, Important, Important!

9Steps to Owning Your Home!


Find a Home

The search is on and we can do it for you, if you like! Click here and give us the basics. We'll fill your inbox with possibilities!

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Home Buyer Checklist

Take this with you while you look at potential homes.

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How the "Closing" Works

This is important information to know, it's your money - where does it go.  click here to find out.

Home Owner Warranties

Does the home you are looking at have one? If not, click here to see how to get one.


Seller Paid Closing Costs

Is there such a thing? There might be and your Touchstone Agent may be able to get you some. Check it out here.

Why an Inspection?


It's the Biggest Investment of your life. Yeah, let's inspect it.

See how, here.


Information on area Schools is Here

Heart of the Matter

Finding Your Way Home

It's a matter of the Heart but also the Head . See what we mean, just click here

Writing the Offer

Here we go!  It's time to put together an offer on the Home you guys are falling in love with.  Here's some things to consider.

Selling One Buying Another

Line 'em up! Many times we have several Buyers & Sellers lined up in a list of transactions all depending on one another. Take a look



Be aware of what the Big Guys say...

Read This Before Signing any Advantage Program!

One of the Big Companies says it will give you Cash Back. Whose Cash are they giving Back? Find out Here.