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On Purpose!

Yep, that's right...  We're Different...  On Purpose!  But, we won't try to fill you with a bunch of foofoo talk and tell you how we do this for you or that for you.  Actually, we do this for us.  It's how we make our living.  We do it - Real Estate - because each of us has chosen to do it.  We chose to do it, because we like it.  And as someone once said, "If you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life."

That's why Working with a Touchstone Realty Agent isn't like going to the DMV and talking to one of the DMV Lady's, or working with an agent from those other companies that are always trying to get their agents to "Sell More!", "Sell More!"

Working with a Touchstone Realty Agent is working with someone who is happy to be working with you - for you - in a pleasurable experience to help you find a home.  That's right, we said 'home'.  We can sell you houses all day, we can - we're the best at it - but we won't.  We're going to help you find your 'home', where you celebrate birthdays, and the tooth fairy. Where Christmas morning is sqeals of delight as wraping paper flies, where Prom pictures in front of the fireplace can bring a little tear, and sunsets together on the back deck make it all worth while...

Ok, a little foofoo there... but really isn't that what its all about?

So we'll toot our own horn here a little and confidently say, you'll never find an Agent that you'll like working with more, or that will take better care of you than a Touchstone Realty Agent.  Why?  because We're Different...  On Purpose!